• School PPA Cover


Studies show that over 90% of children below the age of 5 are not participating in the recommended amount of physical education…Clubszone can help your children achieve this!


  • Purposeful physical activity is vital to children’s physical, personal, social and emotional development. All our sessions are differentiated to meet the needs of each individual child in the session and provide all round development
  • Higher levels of Physical Activity in early years can lead to higher levels of physical activity in later life. We deliver sessions that are interesting and lots of fun to hopefully inspire them to be more active after Pre-School.
  • We can provide excellent advice on how to make your setting more enabling and simulating environment for physical activity and how to reduce sedentary behaviour without major costs to your setting.

If any of your children receive EYPP, this would be a very valuable opportunity to spend some of the money you receive given them a chance to take part in purposeful physical activity.



  • Physical development is part of the Ofsted inspection and we can aid in not only providing the recommended physical activity but also demonstrate it to inspectors by providing planning and evidence document to show progression and achievements.
  • We provide ‘My physical Journey’ booklets which are evidence files which can show photos, sessions plans, evaluations and reflections and children’s physical activity which can then be shown to inspectors and also parents which are easy to do and take very little time.


Research shows that the most successful language learners are those that start at an early age. This is because youngsters are born with the ability to differentiate between the huge range of sounds found in the world’s languages. Having contact with a foreign language from such an early starting point means that babies and toddlers can tune into the differing sounds and are more adept at fostering an authentic accent than those who learn a new language at a later point in life.

At Clubszone our aim is to take advantage of this window of learning opportunity and to expose pre-schoolers to a new language from the earliest point possible. This is why we offer pre-school French and Spanish sessions based on early exposure and having FUN! We use a range of approaches including songs, rhymes, stories, puppets, structured play and signs to introduce youngsters to key vocabulary in a new language.